Just to add onto my last post


I found another interesting video while I was researching Elodie Holmes

In this video she talks about her practice and methods of glass blowing. One point that I thought was particularly interesting was her series that are all ‘off centre’ pieces of art. This is a funny notion to fellow glass blowers and a BIG NO NO! We are taught from the very beginning of glass blowing that you MUST keep your piece on centre. A seemingly easy task you may think, but extremely difficult to do successfully. The whole point to keeping your piece on centre is so that It is aesthetically balanced and straight (as straight as any handmade object can be)

So you can imagine my surprise, when this obviously experienced glass blower decides to throw hundreds of years of tradition to the wind and say screw it, lets just make off stuff that’s off centre!

Here’s the video, watch whilst the craziness ensues!


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