So check this out!


During my search for temperature sensitve glass I stumbled upon this product called a “Surf floor”

Let me just say that this is pretty bloody amazing!!!!!!!!

Ok… So now that I’ve calmed down from all the excitement let me tell you what It is.

The surf floor is according to their website is:

• Breakthrough of the inherent form of ground tile with fluid flowing in between high-density interlayer, creating an unprecedented space interaction;

• Like the colorful effect of works of Impressionism, abundant choices of color for different needs of arrangement;;

• Special refractive emboss which is glorious and creative under light,Selection of series of transparent and semi-transparent products for different decorative light requirement;

• Special polymer material of 3.5mm thick, abrasion-resistant, skid proof can provide effective protection;

• All Products have passed the Residual Indentation test; can stand above 40 Ton/㎡pressure at static state, effectively resist hit and impact;

• Follow the trend of green low-carbon at current time, all the material is nontoxic and non-radiant and can be recycled.


So lets just simplify that down, what they’re saying there is that it is a form of tile that has a layer of coloured fluid in between layers.

It is eco friendly, just like our sensitive glass tiles BUT the big difference between the two products is that the Surf floor reacts to touch, pressure and movement over temperature.


If only I were a millionare… I’d be dancing like this guy:


The other cool point to mention is that they not only specialize in making the tiles for floors. Like Moving color creates walls, floors, showers and buildings, Surf floor can be used on floors, tables, in nightclubs, businesses and even in your child bedroom!

I highly recommend checking out their website and making your own surf floor!!


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