I work predominately in Glass (Mainly because I’m in the glass studio)

I work a lot with fused or kiln formed glass as well as glass powders and frit.

Below is one of my works from my 2nd year of glass, semester 1, 2011.

This work is based on the orion nebular, captured by the Hubble telescope.

The photos are pretty crappy but I think you get the picture.

I used the process of fusing sheets of glass together with glass frit and powders to get this effect. Just from doing research into my mutant material, temperature sensitive glass, I have come to realize how much using this unique material would effect my art making practice.

Not only would my work become interactive with it’s viewers, but by using temperature sensitive glass my work could be so much more Eco friendly than previous works of mine. The Glass studio as a whole has a huge impact on the environment. Almost every aspect of the studio has some negative effect on the environment. Take glass blowing for example. The furnace and glory holes all need to be powered to an incredibly high temperature (around 1200c) You can just imagine how expensive the electricity and gas bills are.

Then there’s kiln forming, which may be one of the more Eco friendly ways in which to work glass. Even though we can choose the highest temperature that the kiln reaches, sometimes it is required that the kilns sit at a certain temperature for a prolonged period of time. This provides a solid and ideal environment for the glass. The downside is that kilns also take up a lot of power and produce a lot of heat. They can also be filled with dangerous materials such as fiber paper, which is harmful to humans.


If I were to use temperature sensitive glass within my work, I would effectively be using recycled glass. And if I could find a way to recycle and reuse this glass within my work then that would not only cut down of the costs of buying glass materials (which is so expensive nowadays) but would also cut down my carbon footprint.


There would be the interactive side of my work. Image a nebular. Swirling and moving in space, drifting and changing. Imagine you could look and touch this nebular. Imagine your touch could change the way the universe is shaped.

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