I just found a video of a Thermotectonic skyscraper


The caption for the video pretty much explains the whole process:

“Study into skyscraper design utilizing Moving Color thermocromatic tiles on exterior. Thermocromatic tiles change color with the ambient temperature. In cold weather the building tiles turns black and absorb heat. In hot weather the building tiles turn white reflecting heat and thereby cooling the building.”

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I found another interesting video while I was researching Elodie Holmes

In this video she talks about her practice and methods of glass blowing. One point that I thought was particularly interesting was her series that are all ‘off centre’ pieces of art. This is a funny notion to fellow glass blowers and a BIG NO NO! We are taught from the very beginning of glass blowing that you MUST keep your piece on centre. A seemingly easy task you may think, but extremely difficult to do successfully. The whole point to keeping your piece on centre is so that It is aesthetically balanced and straight (as straight as any handmade object can be)

So you can imagine my surprise, when this obviously experienced glass blower decides to throw hundreds of years of tradition to the wind and say screw it, lets just make off stuff that’s off centre!

Here’s the video, watch whilst the craziness ensues!

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I’ve just uncovered this video of

Elodie Holmes

A glass blower who concocts her own special type of glass formula. She tweaks the composition of the glass in order to alter the colours dramatically. This relates quite well to my topic of temperature sensitive glass. Her glass does not work in exactly the same way as what temperature sensitive glass does, but the concept is very similar and thus still relevant. Where temperature sensitive glass changes colour when exposed AFTER it is in its solid form, Elodie Holmes’s glass is altered while it is still in it’s molten phase.

As she blows the glass, she is quite aware of how much she heats the glass or how much she cools it. Because she is so aware of what her medium is doing, this allows her to get precisely the shades and range of colour that are prominent within her work.

This video below I sourced from youtube, It goes for under two minutes so check it out.